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Do you find that students and new graduates possess maximum technology skills and minimum people skills? Are they lacking an introduction to professionalism skills?

Are you having trouble organizing, motivating, and leading your team?

Could you and your team members benefit from leadership and professional development training?

Let’s talk about the challenges you are facing and how BuildingLeaders can help.

The Situation

Research reported in 2014 by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) found that employers stated they cannot find the skilled job applicants needed to fill available jobs. An ACICS survey of employers in 2011 found 84 percent of respondents indicating applicants were underprepared. Fifty-four percent called finding skilled applicants difficult and almost one in three said finding appropriately skilled applicants is becoming harder. These findings are supported by research conducted by ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) and SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management.)

The Stress

Educational institutions are feeling the pressure for skills development in all areas of the curriculum, both hard and soft skills. The push for stronger outcomes in the STEM disciplines often leads little room in the curriculum for the development and training in the soft skill areas of team building, leadership, and professionalism. Soft skills development is too often left to career services departments that may not have the resources to fill the gap in soft skills preparation.

The Solution

BL specializes in the preparation and development of the millennial workforce into professional employees and service stars by utilizing a holistic approach to soft skills development. Through its proprietary, research-based LPD curriculum, individuals learn the private and public skills necessary to excel as entry level contributors, emerging leaders and team members.

Our Process









“I have had the opportunity to work with Belinda in two contexts. She worked up a complete analysis on the landscape of diversity for a multi-national organization I recently worked for. Her insights and commentary on that landscape provided some of the fodder that lead to organization wide change efforts on the diversity front. More recently, I called on Belinda to join me at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business. The school offers an annual program to working executives titled Transition to Executive Management. Belinda leads a segment focused on diversity, race, and generational issues in the workplace. To many in the program her segment is regarded as the most impactful of all the sessions. In both cases her professionalism was front and center.”

– Steve King
Executive Director, Baxter Healthcare & Executive Education
University of Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional Education

“Dr. White’s FOCUS in ACTION leadership and professional development model is meant to bring the learner into the journey of self-realization and actualization that is necessary to perform at optimal levels. The learner develops into a complete individual with a clear understanding of their goals and the process by which those goals can be met. Dr. White’s model challenges learners to utilize their 4-year college experience to mold themselves into the complete individual so that other leadership models, such as Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are more immediately beneficial to those familiar with her work.”

– Courtlynd Mallory
Current Morehouse Student

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Leadership that goes beyond a name brand. We instruct and coach your employees in professionalism, organizational employment expectations, brand responsibilities, personal branding, advancing to leadership roles, and acquiring transferable skills.

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Leadership that goes beyond game day or the stage. We instruct and coach athletes and entertainers in professionalism, organizational brand responsibilities, personal branding, role model expectations, and self-management.

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Leadership that goes beyond a cause. We instruct and coach your team in professionalism, basic business management, self-management, and leadership skills including team building, motivating, and servant leadership.

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