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More now, then ever, employers are dealing with the entitled, non-conformist mindset of employees in the workplace.

Preference for casual, informal employment surroundings and expectations is becoming the norm. There is an increasing lack of professionalism skills.

Are you having trouble organizing, motivating, and leading your organization?

Could you and your team members benefit from leadership and professional development training?

Let’s talk about the challenges you are facing and how BuildingLeaders can help.

The Situation

The glamor and prestige of working in corporate America, Fortune 500 companies and global organizations is a big draw for millennial career seekers. However getting to the places and positions to enjoy the glamor and prestige takes hard work, long hours and exceptional professionalism. Is your workforce ready to be the “brand face” of your organization?

The Stress

Whether you are an associate, analyst, buyer, service representative, first level manager or perceived as “top talent,” skills in leadership and professionalism will set you apart from the crowd and greatly enhance your chances of breaking into and remaining relevant in the organizational workplace.

The Solution

BL specializes in the preparation and development of the millennial workforce into professional employees and service stars by utilizing a holistic approach to soft skills development. Through its proprietary, research-based LPD curriculum, individuals learn the private and public skills necessary to excel as entry level contributors, emerging leaders and team members.

Our Process









“Belinda Johnson White has worked with us to enhance the leadership and professional development we offer to young professionals in the customer facing areas of our organization. She has the unique ability to connect with a diverse group of millennials to create a safe and positive learning environment where everyone’s contributions are encouraged and appreciated. The workshop content fits nicely with our company’s core values of being respectful, open, accountable, passionate, and customer focused.”

– Paul Pritchett
Sales Operations Manager, Printpack

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Sports & Entertainment
Leadership that goes beyond game day or the stage. We instruct and coach athletes and entertainers in professionalism, organizational brand responsibilities, personal branding, role model expectations, and self-management.

Educational Institutions
Leadership that goes beyond the campus. We instruct and coach your students in professionalism, preparing for life after college, financial responsibilities, self-management, and obtaining their first professional job after college.

Non-Profit Organizations
Leadership that goes beyond a cause. We instruct and coach your team in professionalism, basic business management, self-management, and leadership skills including team building, motivating, and servant leadership.

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