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We are providers of research-based solutions to world-class organizations to address talent development needs in support of your exponential growth in a 21st century, diverse, global economy.

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BuildingLeaders offers customized workshops designed to address organizational pain points at three levels: Entry, Emerging Leader, and Experienced Leader.

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Looking for a leadership development model for the millennial generation designed to build them into leaders and professionals ready to address 21st century challenges?

Sports & Entertainment
Leadership that goes beyond game day or the stage. We instruct and coach athletes and entertainers in professionalism, organizational brand responsibilities, personal branding, role model expectations, and self-management.

National Brands
Leadership that goes beyond a name brand. We instruct and coach your employees in professionalism, organizational employment expectations, brand responsibilities, personal branding, advancing to leadership roles, and acquiring transferable skills.

Educational Institutions
Leadership that goes beyond the campus. We instruct and coach your students in professionalism, preparing for life after college, financial responsibilities, self-management, and obtaining their first professional job after college.

Non-Profit Organizations
Leadership that goes beyond a cause. We instruct and coach your team in professionalism, basic business management, self-management, and leadership skills including team building, motivating, and servant leadership.

Our Process
ASSESS: We start by identifying our client’s problem areas (pain points).

STRATEGIZE: Next we determine our client’s desired goals and outcomes of training and best approach interventions.

DESIGN & DEVELOP: Then using the proprietary, research-based BL curriculum, we custom-design and develop a solution that address the client’s pain points and meets their training schedule.

EDUCATE: Once we’ve determined the strategy and developed the solution, we provide either on-site, off-site, and or e-learning education.

EVALUATE: Finally, we review results to determine the effectiveness of training and discuss next steps.

We repeat our process as desired and/or needed until the desired outcomes have been reached.

A Message From Our Founder

“Belinda Johnson White has worked with us to enhance the leadership and professional development we offer to young professionals in the customer facing areas of our organization.  She has the unique ability to connect with a diverse group of millennials to create a safe and positive learning environment where everyone’s contributions are encouraged and appreciated.  The workshop content fits nicely with our company’s core values of being respectful, open, accountable, passionate, and customer focused.”

– Paul Pritchett
Sales Operations Manager, Printpack

“I have had the opportunity to work with Belinda in two contexts.  She worked up a complete analysis on the landscape of diversity for a multi-national organization I recently worked for.  Her insights and commentary on that landscape provided some of the fodder that lead to organization wide change efforts on the diversity front.  More recently, I called on Belinda to join me at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business.  The school offers an annual program to working executives titled Transition to Executive Management.  Belinda leads a segment focused on diversity, race, and generational issues in the workplace.  To many in the program her segment is regarded as the most impactful of all the sessions.  In both cases her professionalism was front and center.”

– Steve King
Executive Director, Baxter Healthcare & Executive Education
University of Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional Education

“Dr. White’s FOCUS in ACTION leadership and professional development model is meant to bring the learner into the journey of self-realization and actualization that is necessary to perform at optimal levels. The learner develops into a complete individual with a clear understanding of their goals and the process by which those goals can be met. Dr. White’s model challenges learners to utilize their 4-year college experience to mold themselves into the complete individual so that other leadership models, such as Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are more immediately beneficial to those familiar with her work.”

– Courtlynd Mallory
Current Morehouse Student

“Dr. Belinda Johnson White has a unique ability to be entertaining, professional, and informative all in the same presentation.  Her ability to relate current events into the presentations enhances their impact and allows the attendees to easily grasp her message. Dr. White will make a positive impact and be a valuable asset for any conference or seminar.”

– Juanita Bryan
Vice President, On Track Management, Inc.

“Dr. White began working in our co-ed facility for federal pre-released inmates over 2 years ago as a result of a referral from one of our community partners. When we contacted Dr. White and told her who we are and what we do and what we were trying to do she graciously agreed to come in and facilitate the Fine Dining Etiquette portion of our program. Dr. White along with her associate Dr. Hollingsworth have come to our facility for the last 2 years to facilitate this session. The inspiration and motivation that they give to our residents is truly amazing. The value and impact that Dr. White has had on the residents in our program is simply amazing. We are truly blessed to be able to work with Dr. White and we know that our residents our going back to our community as a better citizen because of the work and dedication of individuals such as Dr. White. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Dr. White.”

-Stephen Ricks
Facility Director, Dismas Charities Atlanta (community corrections)

Our Promise
We promise to provide experiences that produce tangible, visible improvement in workforce attitude and behaviors toward personal responsibility, self-leadership, and organizational stewardship.
Hire BuildingLeaders and start seeing maximize productivity throughout the value chain!
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